i love the idea of giving my customers a glimpse into my daily life and that there is a person behind the items you are receiving in your mail.  this new generation of consumers and producers realize the importance of THE STORY.  we are a curious generation.  we want to know the who, what, when, why and where of everything.  this blog will be a glimpse into my daily life along with a glimpse into my process and the kitsch + fancy world.  

i have a brightly decorated, sunny studio in a room in my beautiful home.  i picked the corner room because i wanted it to be quiet, a room i could retreat into and feel happy and hyper-focused on working, reading, research, and creating.  a "creator's man-cave", if you will.  i left the uber girly, pale lavender paint on the wall because i appreciate the pure girliness of it, so why not?  i decorate it with paintings purchased locally and by friends, inspirational quotes from Etsy shops, pottery from Italy and just special little things that make me happy.  to me, the kitsch + fancy girl is all about the details.  in my home and life, the details is what makes things special.  the lining of a simple blazer having a sassy, ditsy floral pattern, my ring dish having the imperfect fingerprints of someone molding it into a pyramid and knowing there is not one exactly like it in the world....i even want my soap to be beautiful.  why?  soap is something of a luxury you can present for yourself and your guests.  everyone uses it but why not have a beautiful bar in your bathroom for yourself and your guests and relish in how pretty it is and the intoxicating scent.  a simple luxury!  i pride myself on making sure my items are beautifully packaged so it feels like a little gift for yourself when you give or keep it.