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Shipping to United States: Free

This listing is to be purchased as an ADD-ON only. It will include free shipping only if added on to a current gift item. Do not purchase this item by itself- your order will be cancelled. This listing is to add on to a gift box only. If you add on a lot of items the box may have to change to a different style box that is larger to accommodate the add ons.

1. choose a gift box from my shop and add to cart
2. choose your add on item from the drop down menu and add to cart- this item will be added on to the gift box that is in your cart
3. you may add on as many items as you choose, but the size and style of the box may change to accommodate the number of items
4. check out- make sure you edit and change the shipping address to the correct name and address if you are sending a gift

Are you interested in creating your own CUSTOM gift box? See link below if you would like directions on how to create your own custom gift box:

All of these items are available to purchase individually in my shop as well or if you would like to create your own gift box with any of the items, message me with your idea and we can set you up with a custom listing!

Choose the add on item you would like from the drop down menu. I will add this item to the gift box/ gift set of your choice. Leave a note with any preferences and I will try my best to accommodate your request.

ADD ON CHOICES: choose from the drop down menu to add item to your box. You may add multiple items to your gift. If it does not fit in the gift box it will be added in to the package separately. For certain items there are an assortment of styles and you will receive one at random. Specific items that are added will upgrade your package to priority mail, those items are noted. Prices include shipping!


❤️ add a HANDMADE sleep mask made by kitsch and fancy featuring unique fabric hand drawn by artists. Handmade with love one side with unique fabric and the other side with a soft, cuddly white furry fabric- currently available in "pink monstera", "white pumpkin spice coffee and donuts” and "lavender florals" +$15
❤️ add the second flavor of lip balm +$5
❤️ silicone face mask spatula in pretty pastels, perfect for applying your homemade clay face mask creation *random color* +$6
❤️ mini kitsch & fancy soap sample- super cute miniature wrapped soap with a label saying what fragrance is inside- weighs less than 1 ounce- you will receive a fragrance at random different than the main large soap that is in the gift box- you may request a specific scent if you prefer $2
❤️ kitsch and fancy MINI rosewater spray- made of pure rosewater hydrosol and perfect as a travel facial spray or to keep on your nightstand- spray on after a clay mask to lock in moisture- weight is 1 ounce travel size $10
❤️ plush spa headband *style chosen at random* +$10
❤️ small pink quartz facial massage roller, mini size measures 4-1/2" x 1-1/2" perfect for travel or everyday use. It is pink quartz with rose gold detailing +$12
❤️ kitsch & fancy clay face mask- made from scratch clay face masks to create your own mud masks in an adorable travel size- each mask package can make 1-2 masks and available in Pink Cleopatra, White Unicorn, Yasss Green Queen, and Black is the New Black +$5
❤️ FaceTory sheet mask- sassy and adorably packaged sheet masks by FaceTory- Sheet masks are made in Korea and contain well-loved ingredients like: Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly, Cica, Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Honey, Snail Secretion Filtrate, and more- you will receive a sheet mask at random that matches the box +$6
❤️ Collagen Plumping Lip Mask- 100% bio collagen a fun mask for moisturizing and plumping your lips and shaped like lips! +$3
❤️ moisturizing under eye mask- The 24K nano-active Gold is a luxury anti-oxidant. It is very useful for detoxing your skin, hydrating your skin naturally, increasing blood circulation, improving cellular metabolism. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin and so on, Bringing the ultimate nutritional feast to the skin $3
❤️ hand stamped canvas cosmetic bag with zipper and ribbon (you may choose from the "Bride Tribe" stamp OR "keep on dreaming, believe in unicorns" +$8


❤️ 4 oz. package of Sour Patch gummies packaged either in a jar or holographic bag with “A Treat for You” label $7
❤️ 1.5 oz. package of celebration white fudge and rainbow sprinkle cookies $6
❤️ mini bag of gummy bears 1/2 ounce package +$2
❤️ mini Smashmallow- individually wrapped mini gourmet marshmallow +$2
❤️ Ring Pop sucker individually packaged random flavor +$2
❤️ Tea Drop- individually packaged in fun shapes, organic herbal tea with organic cane sugar one package makes a delicious drink - you will receive one single serving in a random flavor +$4
❤️ mini sampler bag Jelly Belly jellybeans $2
❤️ Colorful swirl lollipop- fruity flavors and fun colors- approximately 0.44 oz. you will receive a style at random $3


❤️upgrade your greeting card~ I will handwrite your message on a high-quality, colorful greeting card. You will receive a random style that matches your gift message. Each card is a unique hand drawn design and will come in a nice envelope with sticker seal. You may not choose your card due to the fact that it is an assortment of cards with limited quantity. Cards are currently available in BIRTHDAY, THANK YOU, THINKING OF YOU, SYMPATHY/LOSS, MARRIAGE/ENGAGEMENT, CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY (in limited quantities: friendship/encouragement, sympathy/get well, congrats/new baby, blank) +$5
❤️ add a custom label to your box, please remember to keep it short and sweet, the more text the smaller the font +$5
❤️ mini empowerment/ happy/ positivity card- assorted you will receive a random style- you may not request a specific card, I will choose one that matches your gift message and colors/style of box +$2
❤️ mini teacher card/ mini note thank you card for teacher/ babysitter/ daycare / nanny etc measures 2” x 3.5” in size. Assorted designs and messages. A cute and fun way to let them know they are appreciated. I will choose a card at random that will match the style and messaging of the gift box +$2
❤️ add gift wrap- hand stamped re useable organic drawstring bag with the kitsch and fancy logo +$5
❤️ Happy Birthday button- assorted styles you will receive one at random +$3
❤️ Award/ Reward button with fun message such as "Wow!" "Super Star" "Good Job" "Awesome" "I made a Difference" "YES!" $3
❤️ fun colored scrunchie - assorted styles you will receive one at random +$4
❤️ handmade colorful friendship bracelet -you will receive one at random- packaged with a cute quote- +$3
❤️ hand stamped mini recycled kraft notebook with tiny pencil- random style +$6
❤️ cute and fun high quality vinyl sticker- you will receive a random style- you may not request a specific sticker, I will choose one that matches the box +$2
❤️ handmade re-useable cup cozy made by kitsch & fancy- meticulously handmade and perfect for protecting your hands and keeping your drink nice and hot during the cozy season - choose from 3 styles: Coffee and Donuts, Pink Christmas, White Christmas $10
❤️ plant enamel pin- assorted styles- you will receive a random style +$8
❤️ 2 pack creaseless hair tie pack- random colors $3
❤️ Druzy earrings- attaches to a hand stamped card that reads “You are a Gem” - these come in assorted colors and sizes, you will receive a set at random $10
❤️ a cozy pair of fuzzy socks, these are in assorted styles- you will receive a color/style at random, each pair is super cute in fun pastel colors, super soft and cozy +$6
❤️ Mini travel candle with Pink Floral Logo in Fancy Florals scent 2 oz candle $6
❤️ MINI travel candle $5 - SO CUTE and the perfect gift box add on - mini 1 oz travel candle in a tin with a natural vanilla scent with 1 hour burn time measures 1-1/8" height x 2" diameter and weighs 1.5 oz - choose from the following labels:
{Happy Birthday}
{Thank You}
{You Are Appreciated}
{I Love You}

{Happy Mother's Day}
{Happy Valentine's Day}
{Happy Holidays}


❤️ TCHO chocolate sample- perfect little bite of organic chocolate in unique flavors and adorable packaging- each mini bite weighs 8 grams- assorted flavors: Mokaccino, Almond & Sea Salt or Toffee & Sea Salt - you will receive a flavor at random +$2
❤️ TCHO chocolate sampler set- all three flavors of organic chocolate bites: Mokaccino, Almond & Sea Salt, Toffee & Sea Salt +$6
❤️ Mini Linen Spray (room fragrance) adorable 1 oz. glass bottle perfect to keep on your bedside to keep your bedding cozy - currently available in Cozy Cranberry Orange OR Sweet Cinnamon Farmhouse $6
❤️ Gourmet Hot Chocolate packet $3
❤️ Small Koala Plush-they have hearts on their feet and nose and a card that says "You're an "Aussie-some friend." 4 1/2" $8
❤️ Mini Hedgehog Plush- he has little heart cheeks and carry a big heart 3 1/4" $6

❤️ Bridal Party Cards $4 each
Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
Thank You for Being My Bridesmaid?
Will You Be My Maid of Honor?
Thank You For Being My Maid of Honor
❤️Bridal Party Hair Ties $3 each set
"To Have and to Hold Your Hair Back, Help me Tie the Knot!"
Set of 3

The following box add-ons will automatically upgrade your first class shipping to priority mail shipping. The free priority mail upgrade is a $3 to $5 value. Choose regular first class shipping at checkout so it does not charge you extra- I will upgrade the shipping free of charge on my end. This only applies to the upgrades below due to the weight increase. Please note that certain items ship best in colder weather and there is a risk of melting in the hot summer months especially with longer distances/shipping times. Also note that if the extra items do not fit in the gift box size you have ordered they will be added on top of the gift box in a larger shipping box.

❤️ upgrade mini bath bomb to XL bath bomb +$7
❤️ additional bar of soap scent of choice choose from fresh florals, mango papaya, lemongrass green tea, cucumber mint, fresh linen, bergamot sandalwood, lavender basil, jasmine blossoms or oatmeal milk and honey +$8
❤️ pink dream luxury oil +$13
❤️ bath salt with scoop in a relaxing lavender scent +$12
❤️ Sour gummies packaged in a cute 4 ounce jar with "a sweet treat for you" label $7
❤️ ROYBV rainbow soap sampler- six miniature soaps packaged together $10
❤️ handmade cedar wood soap dish made by Happy Valley Farms in Oregon $10
❤️ White Fudge Animal cookies with rainbow sprinkles net weight 1.5 oz, packaged in cool holographic sealed pouch $6
❤️ Peppermint Hand Scrub with wooden scoop- 4 oz- soothing and moisturizing for your hands, keep this cute jar next to your sink for super soft hands. Made with natural epsom salts, coconut oil and peppermint oil, your hands will feel so soft and clean $10


I accept Paypal or credit card via Etsy. Checks and money order may be accepted on a case by case basis--contact for inquiry.

Checks, money order, cash accepted for local sales and we can arrange for pick-up if you would like to save on shipping--contact for transaction.

Shipping from United States

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: arrival date cannot be promised by a specific date. The arrival date provided when you checkout is just an ESTIMATE and not promised. USPS is running behind schedule due to an overload of shipping due to the pandemic and limited staff. Orders will not be refunded due to USPS shipping delays-we cannot be responsible for a package once USPS has it in their hands unfortunately. Please be patient during this time and use your tracking information USPS has provided you. All purchases during this time will be made with the understanding that delays can happen due to post office delays (Kitsch and Fancy will still be sending packages out during the timeline I have promised). For HOLIDAY orders, you must order VERY EARLY this year to give extra time for arrival. Thank you.

All communications about your order MUST be made through Etsy messaging ONLY. I will not see or respond to personal emails regarding orders. I cannot be responsible for orders that were sent with the wrong address if the customer provided the wrong address at checkout. If this has happened and the order has already been sent the customer WILL NOT receive a refund unless the package is returned back to me from USPS. I can only work with the information I am given and will be making orders and shipping to the addresses I am provided. If the customer has provided an incorrect address and the order is shipped already I will not be able to change the address. The customer will need to purchase another label for the package to be reshipped if it is returned to me for non-delivery. Refunds will not be given to customers who provided incorrect addresses.

Kitsch and Fancy always strives to provide the best customer service and get your items to you in a timely manner. Please note, the arrival dates provided by Etsy is only an estimate. USPS does not guarantee arrival by a specific date unless you choose to upgrade and pay for express shipping. We cannot be responsible for shipping delays by USPS.

Feel free to contact for exact timeline for completion or for a rush order. A RUSH FEE to bump your order may be added on a case by case basis.

Most packages are sent via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days or First Class mail 2-5 days. You may request to have shipping upgraded.

kitsch and fancy is NOT RESPONSIBLE for mail that has been LOST, MIS-DELIVERED, STOLEN OR DELAYED by the post office. I guarantee that I will ship the mail by the date agreed upon to the name and address provided by the customer. If the package is held up, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their local post office to find the package. Kitsch and Fancy is not responsible for damaged, lost, stolen, or packages delayed by the US postal service. Issues with shipment must be handled by the customer through USPS customer service. If the order is showing as DELIVERED, there is nothing I can do as a seller. Tracking showing as DELIVERED is proof of delivery. Customer will have to contact USPS with any delivery issues. If an order is showing as DELIVERED your item will not be refunded or re-sent. Tracking is a service for sellers and buyers to show proof of delivery, this is the only way we can show the order we sent has been delivered to the address the customer provided. Therefore packages shown as delivered will be deemed delivered by kitsch and fancy. Customers may contact their local post office to request a GPS location for delivered items- if it has been mis-delivered, customer may file a lost mail claim with post office. If you believe a package has been stolen, the post office will require you to file a police report and then file a mail claim with the post office.

Once we ship the order with the United State Post Office, the process is now in their hands. Unfortunately we cannot refund the shipping cost of your order.

If a specific delivery date is requested, we will quote the time line that is given from the USPS web site. Kitsch and Fancy cannot be responsible for shipping delays from carriers that is outside of our control.

It is very important for the customer to provide the CORRECT NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. kitsch and fancy IS NOT responsible if the wrong name or address is provided during original purchase so please double check that all of this information is correct. Customers who enter the wrong shipping address, where the item is returned to us, will have to pay the additional ship fee. Items that are never returned where the wrong address is provided is at a loss to the customer unless you are able to get the package forwarded through USPS. Orders that are made which provide the INCORRECT shipping information will be sent to the address provided, if the item is already sent, no refund will be made. If the order has not been sent the order will be CANCELLED and the order must be re-ordered. This is to avoid mistakes with shipping to the wrong address since the label is created from the information provided originally at check out.

Please follow the tracking number if it is provided with your order for updates on the delivery process.

If any bumps in the road are encountered you will have to contact your local post office to find out where your package is. Kitsch and Fancy strives to offer an excellent customer experience, however I am a small micro business run by one person. I will make and ship your order as promised by the day I’ve promised.

Please note that international shipping may be held up by your country's customs office, which is something we cannot control. The customer is responsible for understanding their local customs and for paying any additional fees that may be incurred during international shipment.

If you would like expedited shipping please leave a message in the note box and I can send you a new invoice with the adjusted shipping costs.


Kitsch and Fancy currently DOES NOT ship outside of the United States.

Returns & Exchanges

I gladly accept returns and exchanges

Just contact me within: 5 days of delivery

Ship items back to me within: 14 days of delivery

I don't accept cancellations

But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

The following items can't be returned or exchanged

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can't accept returns for:

  • Custom or personalized orders
  • Perishable products (like food or flowers)

Returns and exchange details

kitsch and fancy wants you to love all of your items. kitsch and fancy provides extremely detailed descriptions of each item including measurements and photographs with scale so you can clearly determine the size of the item you are ordering. Please make sure to take note of pictures with scale and measurements to make sure you are getting the size you want. Please ask all questions before ordering so you can be as informed as possible when making your purchase. If you are sensitive or particular about colors or scents I am happy to answer any questions or you are welcome to purchase sample colors/scents before making a large order.

The items in the kitsch and fancy shop are MADE TO ORDER and most times not re-sellable. Buyer must contact to initiate return within 5 days of delivery and items must be shipped back in sellable condition within 14 days of delivery. For all returns or exchanges there will be a 20% restocking fee deducted from the return amount. Original shipping will not refunded and the return shipping will be paid for by the buyer. Orders with ANY type of customization are not available for return, this includes favors with custom labels. Refunds will be processed once items are returned in the same condition minus restocking fee and original shipping amount. Kitsch and Fancy is not responsible for damaged, lost, stolen, or packages delayed by the US postal service. Issues with shipment must be handled by the customer through USPS customer service by the receiver. Please note: shipping is paid by the customer and USPS is the provider of this service. We cannot be responsible for issues with USPS.


*If you are interested in special orders, wholesale/bulk quantities, or international shipping rates, please message me or send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!*

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

I am happy to customize your order for you. Leave your custom label information or scent request in the NOTES TO KITSCHANDFANCY box when you checkout. I am happy to work with my customerscwith any special request favors for your event, message me with the details and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Sizing details

I proudly offer soap favors in many size and price options. The soap favors come in a mini (less than 1 oz), a medium guest size (2 oz), a 3 pack stack (3 minis tied together), a full sized soap bar, and the 6 pack soap stack (6 mini soaps tied together). There is a favor for any budget you have. Each listing has very detailed information size, weight, and measurement of each soap. I provide many photos as well of each favor as well a few for scale (next to a ruler, in my hand, etc). I try to make sure my listings are as clear and descriptive as possible. Please make sure you understand the size of the favor you are purchasing and ask me any questions you have.

Care instructions

Keep your soap favors in a cool, dry environment to keep them from melting or collecting dust. Bars of soap should always be kept in a draining soap dish as well to prolong the life of the soap and keep it from getting mushy.

Combined Shipping

If you would like to order a large amount of items feel free to contact me for bulk / combined shipping. Sometimes shipping your items together in a larger flat rate box can save you on shipping. I am happy to figure it out for you and set you up with a custom listing.

International Shipping

International shipping from US to other countries is very expensive. I do offer international shipping on most items. Please look over my international shipping policies with all the details. The customer is in charge of any additional fees incurred with duties or customs.

My item is a gift, can I include a card, gift wrap, and gift receipt?

Yes to all of it! If your item is a GIFT, be sure to mark the GIFT box so it will print a gift receipt. If you would like to include a card with the order leave the message in the GIFT MESSAGE box and they will receive it with the exact message shown. Very important to double check that the correct shipping name and address are provided. I cannot change the info or re-route anything once it has been sent. I am happy to include an organic, stamped muslin drawstring bag with your order for only $5. Just check the gift wrapping box and your item will include this lovely, reuseable item. Check out the gifts section of my shop for ready-to-give boxed items like the treat box.

Wholesale availability

I occasionally offer wholesale, contact me through Etsy or email for inquiries.

Can I choose different labels / colors/ soaps for my gift boxes if I am ordering multiple?

Yes! Absolutely! Just choose the listing with the number of gift boxes you need and then choose ASSORTED for labels and/or SOAP choice. You can leave any special requests in the NOTES box when you check out with how many of which labels you need. Any special requests with scents of items inside the boxes can be left here as well.

Are all the gift boxes exactly as shown in the picture?

kitsch + fancy has a fun, quirky style so I use an assortment of fun colors/ prints/ patterns to make all of my items (from scratch!) So no two gift boxes will look the same but I choose colors and prints that look super cute together. Leave any specific requests in the notes or send me a message and we can chat about any details you would like.

I need my order ASAP, can you RUSH my order?!!!

Yes and Yes! I can get almost any order to you as quickly as needed. Each listing will show you the estimated ship date but if you need your items sooner send me a message and we can work it out. Some orders will require a bump-the-line rush fee or overnight / expedited shipping charges to get to you in time.

Wonderful service. Fast shipping. Cute add-ons to choose from. My friends LOVED their boxes. :)

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