the kitsch + fancy girl loves design, color, and feminitiy. a cozy home is just as important to her as the guests she has over.

every item you purchase from kitsch + fancy is designed and made by one! i spend my days designing labels, making soaps, packaging face masks, and packing up your orders! when you buy from kitsch + fancy, you will know that every single item is 100% handmade from beginning to end by one person trying to live her dream!

kitsch + fancy is my way of living life in a simpler way. just spending my days enjoying creating, cooking food, going on walks and spending time with my animals. i decided that even though i have been successful at other jobs, i just wasn't happy or interested working for someone else and building a career in the traditional sense. for me, success is enjoyment in what you do on a daily basis and i was happy to give up some luxuries to be able to pursue my dreams. i am so incredibly grateful for my lovely customers, friends, and supporters in my life that are helping live my dream!

It is a joy for me to spend my days creating and brainstorming in my bright, colorful studio.

The Kitsch + Fancy girl loves design, color, and femininity. A cozy home is just as important to her as the guests she has over.

Visit my instagram at miss_sophiecakes to see my adventures with food, love, fashion, kitties, cooking and crafting.
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instagram @ miss_sophiecakes

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